ISSB Test Preparation Complete Guide (Academy Vs Self)

ISSB Test Preparation Complete Guide (Academy Vs Self)

ISSB Test Preparation is always a hot topic. Some think it helps but others think differently. Let’s find out whether it works or not & what are the possible measurements we take in order to get recommendations.

ISSB Academy Vs Self Preparation

There are a number of academies and coaching centers that claim that you can get easily clear your ISSB test after taking their courses. It is also a general fact that not every candidate trained by the coaching center generates a recommendation. Their results are averaged.

ISSB Test Preparation

ISSB is more than just tests it completely depends on someone’s personality. It is seen that people with confidence & naturalness easily pass it.

However, there are multiple other qualities on which recommendation occurs. Officially, it is not allowed to get any type of preparation for the ISSB test. If they found it considers yourself out.

When You Need An Academy

Most people appeared from backward areas. They did not have any proper knowledge about what will happen at ISSB & its selection system. So, the first should get a guide before starting the ISSB test preparation.

ISSB Academy

There are only three chances for ISSB test two after intermediate & one after graduation. You can use all three chances after graduation if you haven’t appeared in the ISSB test after intermediate.

There are many possibilities. Always clever while choosing an academy. Most of the academies run by retired armed forces personnel’s you should join them. These are more relevant.

Advice For Self Preparation

Self Preparation

Self-preparation is better for the first attempt. You will know all your mistakes & blunders. In fact, with a genuine personality, it is a high chance you will clear ISSB in the first attempt. If you got not a recommendation, then try again after coaching.

If with a genuine personality you didn’t pass it. Try with manipulated one. You can prepare yourself online by reading articles about psychologist's test & outdoor tasks.

Download Books For Preparation In PDF

You can also download preparation books for army, navy, airforce initial & ISSB from this link (I am the link).

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