Technical Cadet Course (TCC) Join Pakistan Army

TCC stands for Technical Cadet Course. It is a regular commission that is offered by Pakistan Army once in a year. You can check the syllabus & test sample from here. TCC is designed to recruit engineers for Pak Army.

Technical Cadet Course (TCC) Join Pakistan Army

Technical Cadet Course Details

Eligibility details for technical cadet course (TCC) are as follows:

 Age  17-21 years
 Gender Male
 Marital Status Unmarried
 Height 5.4 feet
 Weight As Per BMI
 Education 65% marks in Pre Engineering
 Nationality Pakistani
  • Candidate having 65% marks in FSC (pre-engineering) can apply on hope certificate.
  • DAE (Diploma holders) are not eligible to apply.
  • A-level students are eligible to apply with equivalent marks.
  • ICS (Computer Science) students can only apply to Software Engineering.

Registration & Online Apply

You can apply online & offline for TCC. In order to apply online visit ( To apply offline visit AS&RC (Army Selection & Recruitment Centre).

Apply Online Pakistan Army

It takes 72 hours for the online slip to generate till then your online registration status will be shown pending. In case of any natural disaster like COVID-19 or any other, follow the instructions given by the Army Selection & Recruitment Centre. 

Technical Cadet Course Syllabus

The Syllabus of technical cadet course (TCC) is as follows:
 Test Type Total  Questions Total Time
 Verbal Intelligence 84 Questions 30 minutes
 Non-Verbal Intelligence64 Questions 30 minutes
 Academic 50 Questions 30 minutes
 Personality Test 150 Questions 60 minutes

There are two types of tests in TCC initial Intelligence and Academic. In the Intelligence test, there are two types of Questions Verbal and Non-Verbal. On the contrary, In the academic test, there is Math, Physics, Islamiat, Pak Study, Computer, or Chemistry.

If you applying for Software Engineering Then you asked Question-related to Computer, not Chemistry. If you applying for another engineering then Chemistry Test is Applicable.

Test Sample & Past Papers In PDF

You can download test samples & technical cadet course past papers from this link (I am the link). 

What Is The Difference Between TCC and PMA LC?

TCC is all about engineering in Pakistan Army. EME (Electrical & Mechanical Engineering) is the main corps for engineers in Pak Army. Officers do technical work. Mostly those who want to become an engineer apply in TCC.
LC stands for Long Course. We can say that a general officer Course. Artillery and Infantry etc are the main corps for the cadets who joined the Pakistan Army through a Long Course.

Rank & Training at Pakistan Military Academy (TCC)

After selection cadets have to study in NUST (National University of Science & Technology) with a time period of 4 years. In the technical cadet course, cadets only take one-year training at PMA (Pakistan Military Academy), After training, cadets are awarded by the rank of captain.
Physical Test Pakistan Army

Is ISSB different for TCC?

No, ISSB is the same for every course either its from Pakistan Army, Navy or PAF. You can check these articles 

 Physical Test For Technical Cadet Course (TCC)?

Yes, Physical is taken by respective ARSC (Army Selection and Recruitment Centre) in order to check whether you physically fit or not.


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